We believe Gospel Communities are the primary organizing structure of the church and the most effective means for developing gospel-centered disciples. These communities are smaller (10-20 people) groups within Radiant Church who see themselves as a family of missionaries, sent by God to serve, proclaim and demonstrate the gospel to our unbelieving world. Each group gathers together regularly to live in our gospel rhythms. In our Gospel Communities we care for, encourage, and challenge one another by eating, praying, learning and living out the Gospel in real and tangible expressions. Gospel Communities are the means through which Radiant connects people to community and mobilizes people together on mission.

Whether you consider yourself part of the Radiant family – or if you’re just checking out what it might mean to live on mission as a family of disciples – we encourage you to be an active member in one of our Gospel Communities.

Monday Night

South Anchorage, 310 W. 89th Ave.
Lead by Kristjan & Nichole Johnson
Potluck style, begins at 6:30pm.

Tuesday Night

South Anchorage, 2160 E. 56th #A102
Lead by Levi & Heather Wegner
Potluck style, begins at 6:30pm.

Wednesday Night

East Anchorage, 2301 Foxhall Dr.
Lead by Bristan & Bekki Keller
Potluck style, begins at 6:30pm.

East Anchorage, 1908 Twining Dr.
Lead by April & Caleb Larsen
Potluck style, begins at 6:30pm.

Thursday Night

South West Anchorage, 4007 Brentwood Cir.
Lead by Mike & Angela Hanley
Potluck Style, begins at 6:00pm.